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Yes, you are at the right place. We have done ample amount of research on Mo:mo for a couple of years and built our outlet just to satisfy your hunger. We offer healthy choice of MoMos. We source our ingredients from well-known suppliers with clean meat processing unit. We use only Olive oil on our resturants to make it more healthy choice. Our prioity at Classic MoMo is cleaniness and hygiene, thus, we require our cooks to were gloves and kitchen caps while working. No one will touch your MoMos with bare hands. :)

Our mission is:

To be the healthiest and most delicious Mo:Mo outlet in the Kathmandu valley

Our location

Our outlet is located in the heart the Kathmandu. We are on NorthWest side of beautiful Narayan Chour, Naxal

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  • 265 R R Building, Narayan Chaur, Naxal1-4428648

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