Why Classic MoMo?

No Added Flavouring. No MSG.

Our MoMos are MSG free. We prepare our MoMos like we do at home to serve our family and friends; in a hygienic kitchen, where all our employees wear gloves to avoid touching food with bare hands, from fresh and healthy ingredients and raw materials that come from well known suppliers. Also, all you health conscious MoMo lovers will be glad to know that we only use olive oil in our kitchen.

Feel mouthwatering aroma? Don't pass by!

We shine and sparkle

We follow and maintain utmost standards of presentable appearance, cleanliness, and hygiene to maximize your experience.

Professional staff

Our highly trained and experienced cooks are the experts in the preparation and presentation of our MoMos.


Taking pride in providing the same original recipes and products throughout Kathmandi and Bangalore, no matter where you are.

Our Team

Harishwor Pokharel


Tirtha Raj Ghimire

General Manager

Robin Grg

Ast. Manager

Call us for Delivery

Dont waste your important time whether it is with your family or watching movies or be it watching and cheering our Cricket or Football teams. Call us, order your favorite dishes and get it delivered to your door. You do your thing, we take care of delivering

Our fresh menu, variety and service standards are the foundation of everything we do.

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A history of taste

MoMO is believed to be of Nepali origin. Since this dish was initially popular among the Nepalese community of the Kathmandu Valley, one prevalent belief is that traveling Newar merchants brought the recipe and the name momo to Kathmandu, Nepal where it was a traditional delicacy for centuries. They modified the seasonings of the dish with available ingredients, such as water buffalo, and kept the same name.

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